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Changelog :
DELTA-YOWA v2.2.0 :
- Auto Reply
- Row Height
- Search Color
- Home Wallpaper
- Online Last Seen Color

DELTA-YOWA v2.1.0 :
- Based on FM 8.12 with Emoji Changer
- Custom SearchView
- Gradient Tab Color

DELTA-YOWA v2.0.0 :
- Auto Reply
- Scheduler Message
- Auto Text, Fancy Text, Fancy Emoticon
- Redesign Home Style
- New Tab Style
- 4 Stories Style
- Enable Stickers Search on Stories

Credits :
- Deltalabs Studio
- Fouad Mokdad
- Yousef Al Basha
- Atnfas Hoak
- BEGAL Group

Download :

Mirror :
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  1. Download Link Not Working Please Fix Download Link...

  2. please give the feature to send a message later / schedule message, I really like it

  3. Hey the download link not working!!!!

  4. Link Not Working.

    Also can I connect to any developer maintaining this Mod.
    I have few bugs to mention

  5. Either the link is not yet set to public access or the URL shortener has not properly applied

    Link still not working

  6. Link not working and. Include feature of to send message later

  7. You can Telegram me on @ironfiber

    Got some bugs to mention like:

    > Fonts not changing in text stories.. even you change the font it'll get uploaded with default font only.


  8. Another bug in 2.1.0 was

    Setting dark mode change the text color to white which leads to unreadable contacts in contact screen


  9. Link not working plz fix and add msg scheduler if possible

  10. Si entra solo que tienen q insistir por los anuncios

  11. Impossível Download, só aparece propaganda.

  12. Hola mi estimado amigo en primer lugar felicitaciones por el genial mod me encanta y por favor solo un pequeño detalle no sé si solo a mi me pasa en la versión 2.2.0 los textos en los ajustes cuando ingreso desde yomods se quedan en blanco y no se puede leer nada pero solo pasa en el Dark Mode, Transparente Mode y el Custom Mode solo en el light se puede observar los textos por favor si fueran tan amables de solucionar eso sí mil gracias y disculpas bendiciones y éxitos 🤜💥🤛

  13. Please add the option to turn off the slider like the version before 2.0.0, and also add the option to remove the status tab in the lower navbar, so when that option is added we can focus more on the Facebook or Instagram history style, and at the bottom of the tab we focus on the chat tab and call, thank you.

  14. Firstly thank you for this awesome mod!

    Just downloaded the update, my phone recognize as update... but when I install it, I got "It can't be installed". Seems like another version, not for Delta whatsapp...

  15. setting text not visible in dark and transperent mode

  16. Bang mnta thema yg ditengah dong pleass

  17. Links are fixed.
    But cannot install. Possibly a signature issue.

    Please make sure to maintain the same signature over every update in to avoid such circumstances.

    Further I have many feature requests to make. If I can just connect to this mod team or any dev dev working under this project


  18. O link para download não está funcionando

  19. I don't know if developer wants to listen to the app users or not but I'm here trying gather as much attention as I can to point out some bugs that the application have. I completely understand it takes time and step by step to remove each bug but it's so long since I'm commenting and following up with this project. I have to mention a few bugs in which some are new and some are carried forwarded from previous version v2.1.0.

    > [new] Changing the app to dark mode changes the text to white in every activity which leads to completely invisible text in YoMods Setting Screen.

    > [Since 2.1.0] while uploading texts stories, changing font doesn't works. It gets uploaded with default font only.

    > [new] adding back stickers on images was a good idea but some of the sets are not loading at all like "cuppy" and others too.

    > [new] homescreen settings from YoMods Settings is completely unreadable.

    > Bringing back the auto reply was a good decision but Scheduler is still making the deal less profitable.

    > Default tick colors are very barely visible in Dark Mode homescreen. It's you can only see the blue ticks when the color gets brighten.

    > I'd prefer a message icon on the FAB rather than WhatsApp icon. It don't bother me at all but it's just what I prefer.

    I don't think developer will contact me so I'll be posting more in the comments sections only if found anything new bugs or issues.

    Telegram: @ironfiber

  20. Background chat masih belom bisa transparan min

  21. Please link latest version COM.WA

  22. Another issue I've found that remained since v2.1.0 is:

    > [since 2.1.0] You cannot insert images from the 'search web' option in conversation screen. It always shows an error, "cannot insert this type of image".

    TG: @ironfiber